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Welcome on my website! 

My name is Fabien Squillante.  

I'm a French guitarist, composer and producer, scattered among different musical and artistic activities.



Born in a family of painters and architects, french guitarist, composer and producer Fabien Squillante grew up in a multidisciplinary artistic environment between Dali paintings, Durer engravings, Comics, Mozart's music, and Serge Gainsbourg's poetry.
This eclectism definitly set the tone for how he would later on approach music, and art in general : without blinders.
At the age of eight, Fabien begins studying music through piano, and the works of Bach, Mozart, Chopin... 
In his teens, he discovers rock music, and at fourteen, particularly influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin... >>


Composing for television, films and advertising, I have written music for shows featured in more than 25 countries

across the world.

Listen to my work, and access to my downloadable catalog...

I work as a producer, musical director, songwriter and touring musician with international artists, major companies  : 

Warner Music, Universal, Sony BMG, ...

and independant labels.

Directing some of Joe Cocker's musicians,

Opening for Beyonce,

In and out of recording studios, TV, radio shows or on tour...


For three and a half years, I traveled the world with a bicycle.

After riding more than 10 000 km, this gallery is a photographic testimony of my incredible adventure.

If you like what you see, you can buy my pictures and more by clicking on it, and support my next challenge, which will be telling my epic story in the form of a multimedia artwork...


Discover my Trio...

...and my personnal projects

A selection of my guitars, and gear I use in studio or on stage...

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